Drunkmann Tuning ETS Intake OTS MAP 2022 WRX

Fuel Pump: 93 Octane
Sale price$150.00


2022 WRX 6MT Octane OTS MAP 

  • Includes ETS Intake MAF Scaling


  • Once order is placed you will be emailed a request for your AP serial number. You will receive the MAP within one business day
  • This is an OTS MAP, not a custom performance tune 

Receive your MAP via email 

Included is an OTS MAP, not a custom performance tune. Drunkmann Tuning’s enhanced Custom OTS STG1 mappings specifically for the ETS Intake (also available for stock intake too). These Custom OTS Maps are available for 93, 91 and ACN91 fuels. This solves all the false knock issues, cleaner boost targeting, 6500rpm rev limiter, optimized throttle mapping and MAF scaling suited for the ETS Intakes without the adapter. On average this tune produces +10/20 more power at the wheels over the Cobb OTS; however, not at quite the level of our custom tuning options.

Disclaimer: All sales final. Drunkmann Tuning is not responsible for issues related to mechanical/electrical problems that require technician related support.

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