HKS LEGAMAX Premium Catback 2022+ WRX

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A well-balanced sports muffler is superior to the ease of handling, comfortable sound, and sophisticated design.

The sophisticated design
We refined the new tail for the stock WRX S4 and arranged a total of 4 beautiful titanium tails on the left and right along the bumper design.

Enjoy the street driving
You can enjoy the sporty sound at the high rpm range as long as the bass sound at the low rpm range by good balance adjust for the pipe diameter, resonator, and silencer by only replacing the main muffler.
It must have fun to drive on various occasions like daily or holidays.

- Sound Quality -

  • What we aimed for was a deep sports sound that emphasized the mid-high range while focusing on the low range.
  • A partition structure is used to reduce unpleasant noise and give depth to the sound.

- Smooth Sound Flow -

  • Even though it has a partition structure, it achieves smooth sound flow with 20% less exhaust resistance than the stock one.

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