PERRIN Cold Air Intake 2022+ WRX

Color: Black
Heatshield: Yes
Dmann OTS MAP: Yes
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Increase horsepower and style under your hood. The PERRIN Cold Air Intake (CAI) system uses proper MAF alignment and tubing size, which are crucial for maintaining proper air-fuel ratios and preventing check engine lights that plague competitors.


The number one reason to buy an intake is to add more power to your car. The PERRIN Cold Air Intake adds 10-20 wheel horsepower and 10-17 ft lbs of torque to your car without adding any check engine lights or other issues. 


Increase horsepower and torque without ECU recalibration or tune! This part is designed and tested to work safely on your vehicle without any tuning required! However, more power can be gained with proper ECU tuning! 


PERRIN Intake systems use proper MAF alignment and plumbing size, both of which are crucial to maintaining proper air-fuel ratios and preventing check engine lights that plague competitors. Eliminating intake restrictions and increasing flow potential allows for faster turbo spooling, reduces turbo lag, and broadens the power band. 


PERRIN Intake filter elements use open-cell foam to capture dust and dirt. Washable and reusable, PERRIN Foam Filter elements extend the lite of your vehicle. Foam filter elements offer superior performance, minimal airflow restriction. and amazing dust-holding capacity. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas Sidle
Constumor service

Great service quick shipping always answers calls or questions

Cool Product

Install was easy. Intake sound is LOUD. I love it and the finish was really nice.

Christian Punzalan
"Ahh Perrin PU foam filters...You're oil I need"

I don't write very many reviews, but I'll give it a go for the cool humans over at Felix Performance that helped me on this decision making process. I was on the fence between the Mishimoto kit and the Perrin kit since they were the two that "promised" no tune needed. So I placed an order for the Mishi kit since it went on sale but a couple days later then told that it's in back order. So I reached out to Felix and was helped by Melanie via their live messaging and she helped me make the decision on their perrin kit that they had in stock. So Yay! Upon receipt of the product, the packaging is very nice and gave you that sense of "oh yeah this here is legit" feeling. Watched a couple of videos of how to install and had built up plenty of confidence in myself that I'd finish the install in less time my favorite car youtubers did them in. Well,long story short I was humbled. With my adhd and ocd by my side it was an adventure. After a few beers and some choice words, I finally got it in and it was a thing of beauty! One thing that stuck to me literally during this process...the oil, lots and lots of it. It's like when I tell my kids they don't need a quart of maple syrup in their pancakes, and yet they do anyway. A bit excessive. So, my unsolicited advice to anyone on the market for a Perrin PU foam filter is to have some rags ready and do some wiping. That way your clamps doesn't loosen easily and come off during installation. So install the filter on the tube before installing the tube itself. Oh and do it coming from below the car, you can thank me later. Other than that, if you've already purchased your Perrin intake, all I could say is Congrat-oil-ations! You're going to love it!

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